Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Hello People this is my game that I made in splooder. I’m going to use sploder to complete a game and show peolpe how i do it.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Esl Project

 In ESL class I learn about "How to Make a game" for my free study unit in Esl class . After researching on the internet for making a game. I found 4 website on making a game.I'm going to use sploder because sploder can make 3D games Not like scratch, scratch only can make animation game  

This is scratch. Scratch is a application at help us to make a simple game. I found this web site when i was searching in the internet.
This is sploder, This web site it's almost the same like scratch, but this one we can make a 3D game not like scratch 
This website is helping us to make a game for gameboy. 

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I'm curious that why indonesia believe in ghost?  I been asking for people do u believe in ghost some people say yes and no. I've been searching at the internet but i didn't get the correct answer. i been curious when i was in 4 grade.  it's interesting that only some indonesia people who believe in ghost.but when i ask my friend from singapore he say that he doesn't believe in ghost.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

reflection of Adjective

This week at ESL i learn about adjective. Then Mr Jubiz told us to find a video at youtube and download it and put it to imovie.Next he told us to watch the movie and to describe the movie using adjective. I like this activity cause is fun and we can make are own sound track for the movie. Then we convert it to garage band and made the sound track for the movie that I download it at Youtube.Cause of this activity it help me to learn adjective easy and not bored. My favorite part is when I put the adjective to the movie.The most difficult is when I have to convert it to garage band cause is taking me a long time to convert.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


For this mouth I learn about how to tell story at my ESL class. The unit is about spoken. I use story bird to help and make a story. the hardest part is when i write the story bird because my picture is all different so is very hard for me to make it into a story.The easy part is when i record m y sound to garage band.The important thing that you have to remember is that you have to speck clearly and use expression when you telling to other. i felt nerves when i record my story to garage band cause this is my first time telling a story with a expression. I think that telling story is more fun cause people can pas the story again to people who never hear it. if reading a book is more tired  cause we read it from paper. I in joy the part when i edit my sound at the garage band cause is making my sound better.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

My first Podcast

 This is my first podcast,please make comment

One night Rendy’s dad told him a story about knights, sharks, and Santa Claus because he always fought with his sister who was stronger...

Once a upon a time there was a white knight who defeated a legendary dragon all by himself. In the land of Mystery every knight had their own shark for spying on other knights. One day, a white shark argued with a black shark because his white knight defeated the dragon.

“Your knight is weak,” laughed the white shark.
Then the black shark respond, “No my friend, it was the black knight who killed the dragon. You ugly shark.”
 “No my friend not you,” whispered the white shark. Neither of the sharks was at the battle so they didn’t know what happened.
“ Don’t make me mad I can tell my knight to tell his army to kill you.”
 “Okay if you can,” the black shark answered.

They started to go back to their headquarters. Around ten pm the black knight went to the white headquarters and started a war, so he could prove that he was the strongest knight in the world.

 Then suddenly an arrow strike from the sky! The white knight went down and held up his shield as the arrow hit it. He came very close to dying.
"I will kill you," said the black knight. The white knight was in a trap.  He couldn’t go anywhere. After a couple of minutes he shouted, “I wish we were not fighting.”

Then suddenly Santa Clause came and granted their wishes to come true. They suddenly transform into a bear and a lion baby.  Then the Santa Clause jet suddenly fell down. After the jet crashed the Santa Clause skated on the ice. He did not see what was in front of him. Then the shark ate the Santa Clause too bad.